Sunday, April 19, 2009

Videos to check out

Hey guys...checking in on a Sunday to leave you with some great videos.

- Michael Wilbon of PTI vs. Wes Malott of the PBA Tour. If Wilbon wins, he gets an exemption on the PBA Tour.

- Hilo High's Ryan Fukunaga had a monster game against Keaau High on Wednesday from Walter Victor Field. Fukunaga belted two 2-Run Home Runs to go along with a sweet 6-3 Double Play. Many thanks to the good folks at the Hawaii Sports Page for sending in the great shots!

Monday, April 6, 2009

NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: LIVE Blog

It is that time! The 5 month journey of college hoops ends tonight at Ford Field. The prohibitive favorite is North Carolina, with Psycho-T, Ty Lawson, and an underrated group of role players. Meanwhile, the Michigan State Spartans are technically at home, they will have the crowd in their favor, and they are the hottest team in the tournament.

My Pick: North Carolina

Live blog starts in a bit!

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(3:25 pm) - Deon Thompson gets the first bucket of the game for UNC. Let's see how much he can contribute. Meanwhile, Goran Suton with a beautiful three right over Psycho-T straight away to give Michigan State the lead, followed by an answer by Danny Green. He hasn't cooled off since Saturday nights win against Villanova

(3:27) - Both teams will run, which should create for a very fun pace. The quicker that Michigan State can baskets offensively, the better they will be. The longer possessions go, the advantage to North Carolina. 8-3 UNC early.

(3:29) - North Carolina has forced three turnovers early, and the last one forces a Suton foul.

(3:30) - Throughout the day, I'll be posting predictions from people you know. Parker McLaughlin posted his via Twitter: "Carolina is going to win but MSU is going to make it a great fight!"

Parker, I couldn't agree more!

(3:32) - As we head to our first media timeout, the Tar Heels haven't cooled from Saturday night's 10 3-pt shooting barrage. Ellington just added one a moment ago, and the Heels are up early.

(3:35) - North Carolina is up 12 early, forcing another turnover, and getting a second straight bucket off of an offensive rebound. 21-7 UNC early.

(3:37) - Interesting stat on Personal Fouls: Michigan State has already been called for 5, while UNC hasn't been whistled yet.

(3:39) - Finally, Carolina gets whistled for two fouls, both on Danny Green. Ellington replaces him, and you really aren't losing anything there. That is how deep and talented the Heels are. 22-8 UNC. Make it 24 as Deon Thompson now has 6 points.

(3:40) - Offensively, the Spartans are not getting quality shots. Too many outside jumpers, where they should be trying to get things inside, and try to attack the interior, especially with Hansbrough out of the game right now.

(3:42) - 24-11 UNC lead going into the under 12 TV Timeout. Outrebounding and outshooting Michigan State. Simple stats explaining why they are way ahead.

(3:49) - Got a call from Jase of our sister station Native FM. I'll be on tonight between 7 and Midnight to recap the championship game in the NCAA Tournament. Meanwhile, Michigan State turns it over again (the 8th time in the game). They also haven't gotten a basket in the last 6 minutes.

(3:52) - Once you start going down early, you tend to start jacking up contested long bombs. It seems extremely early to do so with 9:44 left in the 1st half and down 22 points, but we are already seeing it from Michigan State. I'm not calling this one over yet. Remember Kansas?

(3:54) - Michigan State has a couple of field goals in a row, but they need the defensive stop to help them out. They got a break with the Hansbrough Goaltend, but they need to put up a 6 to 8 point unanswered run to make a dent in this scoreboard.

(3:56) - Michigan State just turned the ball over for the 9th time after allowing an easy offensive rebound and bucket. I have a feeling this will be a LONG night.

(4:01) - Tough break for Raymar Morgan, getting popped in the face. He's had a tough year, and is definitely a tough kid. Hate to see him leave the game. Ellington just hit a huge three to put UNC up 43-20. This is getting out of hand.

(4:05) - Yet another turnover for Michigan State. Their tenth. North Carolina has 13 points off turnovers. The wheels are definitely coming off in a 23 point game. Goran Suton just got a bucket that they really needed, but can they make a defensive stop?

(4:07) - Via text message at 21227, JE writes: "It's over?" My response: "It was over five minutes ago"

(4:08) - Another TV Timeout here as UNC leads by 23, and it reminds me of what a texter said earlier today during the JPS: "The only way state wins is if they tie Carolinas shoe laces together. Carolina has too many horses for State." You are so right, Bill.

(4:13) - Gotta repost something Via Twitter. Former UConn Husky and now Milwaukee Buck Charlie Villanueva said something kinda funny: "Are u kidding me, this game reminds me when we spank Georgia Tech in the championship game by 20"

(4:14) - Michigan State has gotten within 18 and is shooting the ball a bit better. If they can end the half strong, we might just have a game after all.

(4:18) - Local Comedian Lanai via Twitter: "UNC FACTS: Get 38 Local braddas and sista's going to that school right now and the cafeteria doesnt serve rice." Haha. Facts like those will keep me entertained during this blowout.

(4:21) - 55-34 UNC lead at the half. Largest lead in Championship game history. Back for the second half in a little bit. Time to watch some baseball.

(4:43) - Time to start the second half. MSU must start hot and get back in this game fast. But right off the bat, a Sparty turnover, followed by a Tar Heels giveaway, and a Suton lay-in. Gotta trim the game down quick.

(4:49) - Just over four minutes gone by, and Michigan State has made no headway. That changes with a Suton 3 to get within 18. Ty Lawsom just set a championship game record with 8 steals, and off of the last one, UNC gets a bucket to lead 61-41.

(4:56) - Skip Bayless of ESPN First Take on ESPN2: "I knew my prediction was doomed when Greg AND Seth Davis picked Mich St"..."NC played most dominant half I've seen in title game". I've simply chosen to just ignore Skip

(4:59) - Crowd is back in it here. 16 point game, which once was 24. But Michigan State still isn't snaring some of these key boards. Second chance bucket is a 3 for Danny Green to make it a 19 point lead, and MSU to the free throw line after the under 12 Time out.

(5:02) - Via "MSU is going to win 193 to 68". Ouch.

(5:10) - 9:32 to go in the game, and it is a 15 point game now in favor of UNC. Still not convinced that this comeback will go far, especially with UNC getting it inside easily and grabbing offensive boards.

(5:12) - 7:33 to go, the lead is back to 19, and the chances are looking slimmer and slimmer. 72-53 UNC.

(5:22) - MSU has gotten it back to 15 with a Suton 3 pointer. How long does Roy Williams go with Ed Davis on the floor? Not long. 4 of the starting five is back on the floor along with Frasor. For Tar Heels fans, its time to stomp on the throat of the Spartans, as Lawsom hits a 2 to get the lead back to 17.

(5:26) - Now down to 13. Even the Magic man is on his feet trying to get his team back in it. But Korie Luscious is down, and that is bad news as Korey is a long range threat.

(5:38) - I gotta give a ton of credit to Michigan State. They have not once given up despite being down consistantly in double digits. This will go down as one of the uglier championship games in history, but Sparty never laid down once.

(5:47) - Not much you could say about this game. Absolute domination by North Carolina en route to an 89-72 win over Michigan State. Wayne Ellington is the Top player of the tournament, and well deserved indeed. This tournament lacked a little bit of excitement, and this championship game definitely echoed that.

Congratulations to the Tar Heels on another National Championship!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Michigan State vs. North Carolina - And Spartan Haters?

Thanks to all of you who kept track of the live blog here at of the Final Four. We will do it all again for the championship game at 3 pm on Monday....after the Sparty/Husky live game blog, an "anynymous" Spartans fans chimed in with this

As a Spartan fan it was fun to stumble across your blog. After listening to the commentators tell us how we couldn't beat Louisville, how we couldn't beat USC, how we couldn't beat Kansas... jesus, we had people doubting us against Robert Morris... your earliest comments in the game were coming straight out of UConn's, um, press kit. Give MSU some credit. We've said all year we prefer a run n gun game. You're in a long line of people who didn't believe us.

First of all, I didn't read UConn's press kit, but if I was spot on, then I take that as a compliment, so thanks.

Secondly, yes, most of the media out there didn't think that you would have much of a chance. I won't argue that point. With that said, that is one of the joys of the tourney, where we all get proven wrong and see teams prove us all wrong. I don't mind being proven wrong. After all, I did have BYU in my Final Four. Look how well that went.

But, here's the honest truth. Michigan State was an underdog going into their game against Connecticut. And, you are an UNDERDOG AGAIN against North Carolina. Michigan State will play a very good game, but I believe that the more grizzled team, the team with a bit more experience, which would be North Carolina, will win it late.

So, yeah, I guess I am in a long line of people that didn't believe in you. And I'm staying in that line. I picked North Carolina before the season started, and I'm not jumping off of the bandwagon now.

We'll preview the game after Rays/Red Sox on Monday around 11 am, and then bring you the live blog right here at 3 pm.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

NCAA Basketball Live Blog ROUND TWO: Nova/UNC

So, we know that Michigan State has moved on to the NCAA Championship Game. Will they play the surprise Wildcats of the Big East or the Season Long favorite Tar Heels from the ACC?

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My pick: UNC over Villanova

(3:22) - For some reason I find Jim Nantz's introductions of the starting lineups to be real boring. Where's JE? UNC wins the tip, two rare missed free throws from Tyler Hansbrough, and already two offensive rebounds by Villanova. North Carolina has trailed for the first time since the game against Gonzaga. Nice stat. Heels are real rusty early.

(3:24) - I'm kinda curious as to how much of the 70+ thousand people stayed around for this game, especially since the home state team already played. After a Lawson three, Villanova just grabbed its third offensive rebound of the game. The 'Cats can't be afraid to get to the rim, right now they are acting like the they are afraid. But, if they are going to keep hitting shots, just like Corey Fisher just did, maybe its ok.

(3:28) - Villanova gets another Offensive board into a flush, but yet they trail to the better shooting Tar Heels 10-8 at the first TV Timeout.

(3:33) - Villanova is not in a good position. Down by 9 points and watching the Heels shoot extremely well. Another offensive board by Nova but a block by North Carolina. The Cats finally try to work something inside, but turn it over. The wildcats are shooting 4-16 from the field to start and now trail by 11 as they need an early timeout.

(3:38) - I'm fearing that CBS News may break into coverage soon of this game. Fox News is reporting the following:

"All North Korea would need to launch a rocket appears to be in place, a senior U.S. official told FOX News.

"It would seem everything is aligned and ready," the official said.

The weather conditions appear to be favorable with no precipitation or wind concerns."

(3:39) - Coach Wright has to find a way to work the ball inside. The CBS guys did say that a pick and roll would be a good idea, and I agree, but they are using it to work for outside shots. This one is starting to get ugly.

(3:41) - Clark Kellogg noticed a difference in the long range shooting of both teams. North Carolina is shooting in a nice, calm, comfortable rhythm, while Villanova is hurried and out of sync. The percentages back that up, as UNC is shooting 67%, while the Wildcats are shooting 30% from the field. 26-12 Carolina at the under 12 TV Timeout

(3:46) - North Carolina just hit its fifth three, and we are only halfway through the first half. Villanova is all over the place right now, and right now that doesn't mean anything good. 2 Missed free throws by Villanova, another offensive board, yet no point. Right now if you're Villanova, you can't have empty possessions like they are getting.

(3:51) - Nova finally has a three, but right now they seem really lost defensively. North Carolina is penetrating and kicking and getting the Wildcats out of position. 11 point Tar Heels lead at the Under 8 TV Timeout.

(3:57) - One thing that Villanova has done well is win the battle of Offensive Rebounding, 10-5 right now. But they aren't putting in the second chance points. Down 15 right now, then need to button down defensively and get on a run before the end of the half. There's another offensive board. Dante Cunningham was not boxed out and he had the easy finish. Yet, Danny Green gets another three-pointer. Six threes for UNC. That's a number Villanova wishes they had.

(4:02) - Via text message, our own JE chimes in."It's over...UNC vs. MSU equals UNC championship again." Well, remember last year when Kansas was down by a huge amount and made a run to get back in the game. Down 28 to be exact. We haven't gotten there yet, but it feels like a 28 point deficit which is right now 14.

(4:09) - Scotty Reynolds is starting to find a rhythm. Villanova has scored the last seven points, and Scotty has the latter 5. It's now a 9 point game as North Carolina is forced to call a Timeout to stop the momentum.

(4:11) - One of the reasons why Roy Williams is a great coach. Calls a timeout at the right time to stop the momentum, and follows the time out with a great play to pick up a 2 and get back up by 11.

(4:13) - 30 Seconds left in the half, and it is important for the Wildcats to get back in single digits before the half is over. Big bucket by Fisher in traffic, to get within 9, and now UNC Free Throws. Lawson goes 0-2 of the FT line, and Villanova trails by single digits going into the locker room.

After the First Half: North Carolina 49, Villanova 40

I'll be back closer to the start of the second half to bring you some key numbers and keep the live blog going!

Key 1st Half Numbers:

Nova: 2-12 3-Pt's, 12 Off Reb
UNC: 9 Ast, 6-11 3 Pt Shooting

(4:38) - We are underway in the second half, and Villanova commits a stupid foul on a jump shooter exactly a minute in. UNC goes 1-2 from the line, and Villanova follows with a three to get within seven.

(4:40) - Breaking news on the North Korean rocket. From Breaking News Online:


(4:41) Momentum is right now on the side of Villanova. Clark gets a second chance bucket, then Psycho-T gets called for an offensive foul. 22-10 run for the Wildcats. Can anyone quiet the Tar Heels outside shooting? Danny Green with yet another 3. And then UNC extends the lead off a steal, bucket, and harm.

(4:43) - More details on the breaking news in North Korea from Breaking News Online:

NHK says the North Korea rocket now moving over the Pacific Ocean.

(4:46) - Villanova needs to be careful that they dont fall into the all long range, all the time shooting spree. Three straight 3's missed in one posession. Green hits his fourth three pointer, and extends the lead back out to 13 as we hit the under 16 media timeout.

(4:52) - Via twitter, iDews contributes: "nova trying to live by the 3s, we all know how that works." Yeah, ask St. Joseph boys basketball. They will tell you in great detail.

(4:55) - Big 4th foul on Dwayne Anderson for Villanova, as he has double-digit rebounds for Nova, and right away as he comes out, UNC gains an advantage on the boards, followed by a bucket and harm to take a 61-49 lead going into the TV Timeout.

(5:03) - Ty Lawson has worn his third different jersey in this game. He went from #5, to #25, and they have brought out another #5 jersey, as his first one was bloodied. Villanova is 3/23 from beyond the arc. Terrible number.

(5:07) - 4th foul on Tyler Hansbrough forces him to sit out, and while that sounds like a big deal, UNC is so balanced, that I don't think it is that big of a deal. Wild shot on the fast break by Fisher when they shouldve just taken their time. Big three for Ellington 3-Pointer number 10 for the Heels to go back up by 15.

(5:11) - Hate to say it, but watch the Wildcats right now, and you'll see that they are out of gas. Worked too hard to try to keep the game close. Jump shots are having a harder time going down. I believe that this one may be too far out of reach.

(5:12) - Via twitter, people are talking about the N. Korea rocket launch. One person in Oahu says, "Hickam AFB just scrambled F-15's and an AWACS... I can see from OWT 16th floor lanai."

(5:14) - You start to see the metal of a team when their backs are against the wall. Villanova is losing the team concept right now. Big three by Redding, followed by a turnover, a bucket, and a UNC foul. Uh oh. Villanova back within 13 with 4:20 left.

(5:20) - This game is certainly not over, as Nova is down by 12, and while they need to hurry their comeback, they also need to be smart.

(5:28) - Daunte Cunningham just fouled out, and gave one heck of an effort, as did the entire Villanova team, but I think we all know how good UNC is, as they are 2:15 away from a rematch with Sparty for the title.

(5:32) - Already getting predictions for MSU/UNC on Monday Night. JE says Carolina by 12. John via facebook says Michigan State. I'm going with a 7 point UNC win on Monday night.

(5:35) - That's it. 83-69 UNC win over Villanova, which means Tar Heels vs. Spartans in Mondays championship.

Join me on Monday's JPS at 11 am to break down the game, and then we will live blog it right here at on Monday afternoon. Look forward to seeing you there!

NCAA Basketball Final Four: LIVE Blog

Today is the day for the NCAA Men's Basketball Semi-Finals, ala the Final Four...before we start the LIVE blog, it is time for me to make my picks:

Michigan State vs. UConn - UConn (in OT)

Villanova vs. North Carolina - North Carolina (they were my pick to win it all from the very beginning).

Sparty/Husky matchup begins in a few minutes. I'll be live blogging throughout this one....

(12:11 pm) - Early on, we at least see a glimpse of what UConn will do with Goran Suton, the big man with dangerous range. The smaller husky, Jeff Adrian, starts off on the big, with Hasheem Thabeet playing D around the paint. It's practically a 4 on 5 with one man in a zone.

(12:13) - Lucas 3 for Michigan State puts them up by 5, and a UConn turnover gives the Huskies their biggest deficit of the tourney. Wow. If you've only trailed at most 5, and now 7 with another two-pointer, you must be darn good.

(12:16) - The big man Thabeet causes our first injury of the game, knocking out MSU's Travis Walton. I love the hustle by the Spartans early on. Right now, they WANT it more than UConn does. They are grabbing too many offensive boards early.

(12:19) - Michigan State is attacking the inside early on, despite a few blocks from Thabeet and Jeff Adrian for UConn. They know if they can keep attacking, they can draw some whistles, and maybe knock some key players out of the game. Michigan State 14, UConn 10 at the first Media Timeout

(12:25) - The lovefest for Kemba Walker begins. I know he had a great game in the Regional Final, but let's slow it down just a little bit. Also, I HATE these raised floors. This is seriously gonna get someone hurt just for hustling.

(12:27) - UConn is on a nice run. Six straight after the timeout. They are getting Sparty in foul trouble, working the rock inside, and making the on the fly adjustments. Ibok already out with two fouls for Michigan State.

(12:28) - Hasheem Thabeet out to rest after a three-point play. Let's see how different the game is for UConn without their big man. Our second TV Timeout give us a UConn 19-16 lead over MSU.

(12:34) - I like how UConn has toughened up over the last several minutes, and Jeff Adrian has been the point person for that. 8 points early on to go with a block and good D. Michigan State is starting to go away from the inside attack, and looking more for outside shots, which has not been a strong success for them. Plus, UConn didn't drop off with Thabeet on the bench, and he is starting to impose himself on both sides of the floor.

(12:39) - Thabeet and Adrian combining for 15 of the 27 UConn points, and the Huskies lead at the next TV Timeout 27-23

(12:44) - Yet another UConn block, this time by Gavin Edwards on the fast break. And 4 Huskies went for the loose ball, and nearly crashed and burned on the raised court. Again, I DISLIKE the raised court. Michigan State is 2-7 from beyond the arc, something they can't rely on as the game progresses.

(12:47) - Via twitter, go2pinnacle says "Mich/UCONN game is basketball at it's finest." I personally think that fans are just happy that we have a competitive, close game so far. Kemba Walker just missed two free throws for Uconn, a rarity since they have been very good from the line during the tournament. UConn 29, Michigan St. 27 at the next media timeout.

(12:53) - Via twitter, Baron Davis (yes, B-Diddy from the Clippers) says "70k at the final four. That's a lot of people." Yes it is, a record. Unfortunately, the game is being played in Ford Field, which has NEVER been kind to the Detroit Lions, so why should it be kind to Michigan State? Big three earlier for Korie Luscious, and he'll try for three more at the charity stripe as Michigan State has the lead once again.

(12:57) - Welcome to the Final Four, boys. We have our first near fracas of the day.Remember, guys, this game is physical. No need to get chippy. Just a tough basketball play. If anything, I think we get a T on Jeff Adrian for a little unnecessary shove on Jeff Adrian, which started this. But, no T will be called. The foul on Walton for Michigan St. stands. Good job by the refs for clearing everything up.
(1:01) - Via twitter, iDews says "agreed, live or die by the three, and just as I tweet, they hit one! Go MSU!" Reference to the Luscious three, and he hit another one just a second ago. But, the big man Thabeet runs the floor and gets a fast break bucket, and a bump. Clark Kellog's voice just raised about three decibals when talking about Thabeet. Man crush?

(1:03) - Also via twitter, Dave Reardon of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin chimes in "UConn = thugs?". LOL....nah, I don't think that word would be accurate. Passionate? Yes. Timeout Michigan State tied at 36

(1:08) - You want a story of a freshman making a difference? Delvon Roe of Michigan State may be your guy. Big bucket before the end of the half to give MSU the lead. He's been quiet since being active in the first several minutes of the game.

Michigan State 38, UConn 36 At Halftime!

Key 1st Half Stats:

MSU: 9 Off Reb, 40% Shooting, 12 Fouls
UConn: 52% Shooting, 6 Fouls, 4 Blocks

(1:30) - We start the second half with UConn on a 6-0 run. The one thing UConn has done well with in this game is adjustments, and I think we are seeing that at the start of this half. Add another two for Thabeet, and UConn is 4-5 shooting to start the half.

(1:31) - Big foul on Goran Suton as he is called for his third on the offensive end. Suton has been a non-factor. As iDews said on twitter earlier, "Goran Suton, where are you?" Coach Izzo is keeping him in the game, surprisingly.

(1:33) - Out of nowhere, Sparty starts to get on a roll, with six in a row, including the first points for Suton, and MSU retakes the lead, paving the way for a Calhoun time out.

(1:36) - Suton finally leaves with his 3 fouls at the 16:56 mark of the second half. Ibok in with a few fouls, so lets see if they go right to Thabeet. Nope, and no Huskies basket. I do want to say, btw, that I am a fan of Clark Kellogg's work, but I don't like him on Color. He's better in the studio, right now I feel he's trying too hard. TV Timeout here as we are tied at 46

(1:43) - A couple of big fouls to note for Michigan State. Ibok just picked up his third foul. He's matched up with Thabeet, so I think that makes him very vulnerable on the floor. Draymond Green just picked up his third as well. He's matched up with Adrian, whos been a solid player in this game. Stanley Robinson gets a bucket for UConn and then a big block on the other end. But, Michigan State recovers and gets a fast break flush. The Spartans are running, which despite the conference affiliation, suits them well. The Big Ten isnt known for being a run and gun offense. Michigan State is on fire! Up 4 53-49 with 13 Minutes to go and a timeout.

(1:55) - Big 3 for Michigan State and Summers to extend their lead to 6. Michigan State has improved its 3-Pt shooting percentage to 33%. I really think they are starting to wear UConn out.

(1:58) - Important Stat: Bench Scoring (Michigan State - 22, UConn - 5)

(2:07) - Dunk of the year? Durrell Summers jam on Stanley Robinson has to be one of the best I've seen all year! Summers has been a part of the deep bench that Michigan State has employed, scoring 28 of their 66 points. UConn needs some bench support quick.

(2:10) - Via Facebook, Reid says "damn!!! What a dunk by Summers." Indeed.

(2:11) - Thabeet just swatted away another one, and on the other end, AJ Price is at the line hitting two free throws. Price is the 4th starter in double figures in points for UConn. Kalin Lucas just hit a clutch three for MSU to put them up 9, and then Morgan with a fast break flush to go up 11 with just over 3 Minutes to play.

(2:14) - Via text message, our own JE says "MSU Championship bound if they keep up the rebounding"....that stat is even right now, but I don't think that was expected by many.

(2:17) - Can UConn make up an 11 point deficit with 1:54 remaining? I'm not so convinced, especially with how Michigan State has dialed up their defense.

(2:23) - UConn is determined to close this gap within 32 seconds of game time, they've brought this game down to 6, plus a very questionable whistle on Goran Suton with 1:26 to go on Suton. Big injury as Thabeet has to come out of the game as he limps off.

(2:26) - Lead down to 4 as UConn makes that a 4 point trip with Austrie's two free throws. Still a lot of time with it a two possession game. Big missed throw for MSU, and Robinson gets a HUGE rebound jam to get within three, followed by Michigan State breaking the press and getting a bucket and a foul. Terrible time for a defensive lapse.

(2:29) - Michigan State starting to struggle a bit from the free throw line. 7 point game with 48 seconds to go. Missed layup on Price, foul on Thabeet, and nowthis game appears to be close to out of reach.

(2:31) - UConn within 7 after a layup with 30 seconds left. They need to force a turnover off this inbound or foul and hope for two missed free throws. Not over yet, but definitely far away from them.

(2:35) - It's just not meant to be for UConn. The "home" team Michigan State wins in front of 72,000+ by the score of 82-73 over the Huskies. Sparty plays either Villanova or North Carolina.

FINAL SCORE: Michigan State 82, UConn 73

Alright, second game will be up in about 30 minutes. I'll be up with another live blog for Wildcats and Heels shortly. See you then!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NCAA Tournament Games on TV (And my picks)

Thursday, March 19th:

6:30 am: Texas A&M vs. BYU (Announcers: Dick Enberg, Jay Bilas)


8:55 am: Maryland vs. California (Announcers: Tim Brando, Mike Gminski)


1:10 pm: Minnesota vs. Texas (Announcers: Jim Nantz, Clark Kellogg)


3:55 pm: Virginia Commonwealth vs. UCLA (Announcers: Carter Blackburn, Jay Bilas)


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Method to My Madness: Filling out my NCAA Tournament Bracket - 1st Round

Now that the field of 65 has been determined, it is time for me to fill out my 2009 NCAA Men's Division I Tournament Bracket. Just so you know, as we are currently at selection sunday, I make my predictions as soon as I get the teams. I don't like to wait a couple of days to stew things over.

First things first: Sure fire locks to win in the first round. This at least gets me going with some of my favorites. And they are:


(1) Louisville - Even though they are the #1 Overall seed, they have the toughest road to the title, because there are so many uncertainties in this bracket, and although Louisville won the Big East title, that doesn't erase the fact that they can be erratic at times.

(3) Kansas - I think they will beat ND St. in the first round. After all, this is North Dakota St.'s first year of eligibility in Division I, therefore their first time in the big dance. Nothing like facing the defending champs to break in your tourney experience.


(1) UConn - After all, they open against UT-Chattanooga. Good luck to the Mocs.

(11) Utah State - 30 wins, 4 losses, and a #11 seed? Thats total disrespect to the WAC. They should knock off #6 Marquette, who lost one of their best players to injury earlier in the season, and haven't been the same.

(3) Missouri - The Aggies from Utah would be the Tigers next opponent if Mizzou can get through Cornell. I think the Tigers are going to be too physical for the Big Red.

(2) Memphis - I'd hate to be CS-Northridge. Facing a team with a chip on it's shoulders. Prepare for a beatdown.


(1) Pittsburgh - For obvious reasons. They do open up with East Tennessee State

(5) Florida State - Wisconsin is the first round opponent for the 'Noles, and I hate Big Ten play this year.

(3) Villanova - Playing at home in the first two rounds. Nuff said.

(2) Duke - Sorry Binghamton, but Coach K is the all time winningest coach in Tourney history.


(1) North Carolina - Ty Lawson will be back, and the Tar Heels should have no problem against Radford

(4) Gonzaga - They've got a favorable draw here in the first few rounds. Plus, I like Bulldogs over Zips anyday of the week.

(3) Syracuse - There's just something special about Syracuse when the play in the Big Dance. SFA better bring their A+ game, or they will fall to the Orange.

(2) Oklahoma - Don't think anyone on the Morgan State squad can match up with Blake Griffin

Now that I've finished up my absolute LOCKS for the first round, time to do a little more research and finish my first round predictions.

UPDATE: 6:11 pm - Just finished my first round projections, and I am convinced that we won't see too many upsets on the first two days.

Upset Winners: 11 Utah State over 6 Marquette, 9 Siena def. 8 Ohio State, 10 USC beating 7 Boston College, 10 Minnesota def Texas.

I've even gone to a coin flip to help me decide 8 LSU s. 9 Butler in the South region. Winner. 8 LSU. These teams will battle in a close one, but I see LSU as the team with the most momentum heading into this game. Butler is probably still reeling from the upset in the conference championship game to Cleveland State.